Programmatic copywriting workflows

Create messaging templates in our messaging editor and integrate it into your app, CRM or to build custom workflows.

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.

Generate email templates and personalized sentences via API

Use our editor to create a reusable messaging template — now you're ready to generate emails or personalized sentences.

Every template becomes an object you can modify via API. Simply hit the Copyfactory API endpoint with your new input data and in a few seconds unique messaging will be generated for you.

01 - Create a messaging template

Define what inputs are needed

Add inputs to your template to structure what information is needed to generate content.

02 - Add examples

Train the AI

Train the AI with a few examples of the type of sentences or emails you wish to generate based on the inputs you chose in the previous step.

The AI will pick up on tone, style and to create unique sentences and templates.

03 - Integrate

Start generating

You now have a messaging template that will accept the inputs you defined and will output new generated emails or sentences.

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Copyfactory works with your existing stack

​​Use Copyfactory with your current sales automation platform to push custom fields and contact data in seconds.

Start building your workflow today

Image of emails being written automatically.
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