Hyper-personalize your outreach

Sync or upload a list of contacts and Copyfactory will automatically research, enrich and create personalized sentences that are ready to use in your sequences.

Create your own personalization playbooks and save hours on contact personalization tasks .

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.


Create a playbook

Create personalized sentences based on your contact research or CRM data.

Now you only need to research a prospect once (or let our enrichment do that for you), run your playbook and watch your personalized sentences fly in.


Upload contacts

Add contacts manually, through the bulk uploader, API or with Zapier.

Use our enrichment to automatically find contact and company datapoints that can be used to personalize your contacts with.

Once uploaded, our AI will create all the sentences in your playbook for every contact.


Export & send

Once your contacts are personalized they are ready for sending.

Simply export or integrate with your existing sales automation tools to start using your personalized sentences and see an instant increase in engagement rates.

Win at scale

Spend 50% less time personalizing your contacts

  • Increase delivery rates by sending unique emails to all of your contacts

  • Increase open rates with emails that stand out in your prospects inbox

  • Increase reply rates by showing prospects you did your research

Increase engagement rates

Customize the tone, style, length and approach of your personalizations by telling the AI exactly how and what you want it to write.

Built-in enrichment

All you need is a LinkedIn handle and we will enrich your contact with dozens of datapoints.

First name of the contact.

Current title of the contact

The current company name the contact works at.

Name of the city where the contact lives.

Name of the country where the contact lives.

Name of the latest article the contact wrote.

The bio of the contact.

The latest degree the contact received.

Name of the latest school the contact attended.

And more...

Copyfactory works with your existing stack

​​Use Copyfactory with your current sales automation platform to push custom fields and contact data in seconds.

Start personalizing your sequences today

Image of emails being written automatically.
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