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Per month

Per month

Free onboarding call & priority support

Per month

Free onboarding call & priority support

What you get
Word credits per month
Monthly amount of word credits before overages apply.

Price per 1000 word credits
This only applies if you exceed your monthly word count limit or are on pay as you go plans. You only pay for the exact word credits you consume, never more.

Profile limit
Profiles let you organize your contacts, sequences and integrations. You can think of them as workspaces.
Contact personalization
Create contact playbooks
Generate as many personalized sentences for your contacts as you need.
Upload contacts
Upload contacts via API, Zapier, CSV or the dashboard.
Data enrichment
Enrich contacts with over 16 datapoints to personalize your sequences.
10 cents per contact
10 cents per contact
10 cents per contact
Custom contact premises
Create your own AI personalization templates using enriched or custom data.
Segment and export your contacts
Filter, export and manage your contacts.
Duplicate detection
Automatically remove duplicate contacts in your sequences.
Custom fields
Create custom fields for your contacts that you can use to create personalized sentences and push to your sales tools.
Sequence editor
Create and write sequences
Create as many sequences as you need and collaborate with external or internal stakeholders.
Content blocks
Create and organize re-usable assets such as testimonials, case studies, call to actions and more that you can quickly insert into your sequence.
Email template generator
Leverage AI to generate entire emails, call to actions and any other piece of sales content you need.
Slash commands
Quickly insert merge fields and content blocks to write sequences faster.
Real-time collaboration
Share your sequence with anybody and let them collaborate with you in real-time.
Native integrations
Native integrations with Salesloft, Outreach, Hubspot, Apollo, and Close allow you to effortlessly push your personalized contacts to your sending platform.
Use Zapier to connect to over 3500 apps and create powerful workflows.
Integrate automated messaging workflows into your web application, CRM or to build custom internal workflows.

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.

Looking to grow your sales team?

Image of emails being written automatically.


What is a sales copywriting platform?

Unlike sales engagement platforms such as Outreach or Salesloft, or data finding tools such as Zoominfo or Lusha, Copyfactory is the only copywriting platform that help's sales teams with the longest and most challenging task of launching a new campaign which is writing new templates and personalizing contacts.

How is Copyfactory different from other sales tools?

Copyfactory is the only personalization platform made for sales and outbound teams. We integrate with sales automation platforms and data tools so that you can finally launch hyper personalized campaigns in minutes.

Does Copyfactory integrate with my sales tools?

Copyfactory has native integrations with Apollo, Mailshake, Salesloft, Hubspot and Outreach. If you don't see a native integration you can use your Zapier as an integration to connect with 4500 other app or our API to build custom workflows.

How do word credits work?

Plans are based on the number of email templates you need to generate and sentences you need to create for your contacts. The platform operates on a word credit system. Word credits are used whenever you generate AI content.

As a final note, the price per word decreases as you scale up.

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