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Copyfactory is a fast way to launch personalized campaigns and write new sequence templates in Outreach. You can build intro emails, follow ups and personalized sentences in a few minutes instead of hours (or days). Let's say your sales lead needs to launch new messaging for a product launch.

You can use Copyfactory to quick write an entire sequence, get it approved internally and personalize your contacts to increase response rates. Once you are ready to launch simply connect Copyfactory to Outreach and sync all of your contact data in 2 clicks.

Iterate on messaging

Write converting templates for every step of your sales funnel faster and align on messaging with the sequence editor.

Personalize contacts

Increase engagement rates by creating personalization playbooks for your contacts by using enriched data, CRM data or your own custom fields


Want to increase engagement rates but don't have the time? Have our team launch personalized campaigns or write your sales copy.

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.

Start automating your copywriting workflows

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