Copywriting platform for sales

Half the amount of time it takes you to write new sales templates, iterate on messaging and create personalized sentences for your contacts.

Copywriting platform for sales

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.

Converting sales messaging made easy

Generate cold emails, follow ups, LinkedIn messages, objection handlers, value propositions, call to actions and any other sales content you need in seconds.

  • ✔️ Customizable AI templates to match your tone and style of writing
  • ✔️ Generate engaging email templates in seconds that are ready to use in your existing sales tools
  • ✔️ Create your own AI-templates and supercharge your copywriting workflows

Personalize every contact across every channel

Make the most of your existing prospect research to personalize every touchpoint in seconds.

Effortlessly create personalization playbooks that drive engagement and automatically sync to your CRM or sales automation platform.

  • ✔️ Built-in contact research saves over 15+ hours in research and writing tasks per week
  • ✔️ Create your own personalization templates to scale your existing personalizing process or use our battle-tested templates
  • ✔️ Bulk upload and create as many personalized sentences per contact as you need to increase engagement rates

Unify messaging and increase engagement rates

Staying consistent with tone and messaging in the sale cycle is challenging yet important.

Copyfactory unifies sequence content team-wide while remaining flexible enough to target personas with the right tone and messaging.

  • ✔️ Slash commands to insert merge fields, call to actions, case study snippets , or any other saved content
  • ✔️ Share company messaging effortlessly
  • ✔️ Save time searching your company wiki for cases studies, testimonials or other sales content that is a slash away
content blocks for sales

Copyfactory works with your existing stack

​​Use Copyfactory with your current sales automation platform to push custom fields and contact data in seconds.

Here’s what our customers say

"Copyfactory is a real lifesaver for us with the volume of sequences we need to produce"

Testimonial image for Callwhistle

Timonette Hammond

Marketing director, CallWhistle

"Copyfactory is for anyone looking to scale personalization within sales development. We were able to increase our outbound efforts without increasing headcount. Also, being able to push all the data into Outreach made our workflow that much easier."
testimonial image for Fueltofly

Andreas Brolund

Growth Marketing Manager, Dixa

"Copyfactory has really helped FueltoFly scale our copy function without compromising on quality"

testimonial image for Fueltofly

Roland Kesler

Head of copy, FueltoFly

"The product is amazing! There's so much potential and they are always innovating and creating new features. I really recommend Copyfactory and the team!"

testimonial image for Fueltofly

Joaquin Jose Varela

Business Development Manager, Athyna


What is a sales copywriting platform?

Unlike sales engagement platforms such as Outreach or Salesloft, or data finding tools such as Zoominfo or Lusha, Copyfactory is the only copywriting platform that help's sales teams with the longest and most challenging task of launching a new campaign which is writing new templates and personalizing contacts.

How is Copyfactory different from other sales tools?

Copyfactory is the only personalization platform made for sales and outbound teams. We integrate with sales automation platforms and data tools so that you can finally launch hyper personalized campaigns in minutes.

Does Copyfactory integrate with my sales tools?

Copyfactory has native integrations with Apollo, Mailshake, Salesloft, Hubspot and Outreach. If you don't see a native integration you can use your Zapier as an integration to connect with 4500 other app or our API to build custom workflows.

How do word credits work?

Plans are based on the number of email templates you need to generate and sentences you need to create for your contacts. The platform operates on a word credit system. Word credits are used whenever you generate AI content.

As a final note, the price per word decreases as you scale up.

You could have already generated your first sequence by now

Image of emails being written automatically.
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